Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Football. I have to say, I love football. You could say I'm obsessed with it. I play Madden 10, the NFL network is one of my default channels, and I stream games online when I can't watch them. Still, even with all that, in my head I would think, "Well at least I don't play fantasy football!" Heheh welllll. I do now. I have not one, but TWO leagues that I'm a member of. I have one at work that the draft is already done and I did alright, I hope. I also have one coming up this next Wednesday that will hopefully go off without a problem as well. The second one is with family though,and we aren't sure it'll fill.

I'm kind of nervous for this year's season. I'm a HUUUGE Texans fan, though I also enjoy the Steelers and Green Bay. So as you can probably guess, my Sundays are filled with lots of, "NOOOOOOO!!" and "AAAAAAH!!!" And "ROSENCOPTER!!!!!!!" I mean yeah, there have been 8 wins the past two seasons, but there should have been 10 or even 11 wins last year (Jacksonville loss in overtime, loss to Raiders, and Rosencopter) With those kinds of losses, you get nervous. There hasn't been enough improvement in my mind for us to make that next step. I could be wrong, of course, because I am basing this off of our preseason games. I know that Indianapolis has only one like...2 preseason games over the past five years...but we ain't Indianapolis. (Hopefully we're BETTER!)

(BTW...i like college too..but BCS sucks,and i won't get excited until that's fixed.)

Anyway, so yeah, I'm waiting WAAAY too long. GO TEXANS!

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